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Arias Plea Bargain Empty Arias Plea Bargain

Post by Chickenbutt on Mon May 06, 2013 11:16 pm

Arias Plea Bargain proves what a Worm Nurmi is.
Post by Sayub on Tue Mar 19, 2013 5:13 pm

If you haven’t had a chance to read this Plea Agreement that Wurmi sent to the State, you’ve got to read it (see below).

In light of Dick Samuels (defense expert!) being grilled by Juan Martinez
for the last 2 days this letter sent to Juan can be viewed as comical. Wurmi has rubbed me the wrong was since day 1 of the trial after reading this he’s far worse than I could have imagined. He’s the reason people despise lawyers. He’s the ultimate SLIMEBALL.

– Threatening Juan with the 10 letters that have been proven to be forgeries.

– The Case numbers referenced on pages 4-5 are jokes & are in no way comparable to JA’s slaughter of Travis.

– Pg 5) Threatening to out the relationships of friends & family & members of the church, & more

– Pg 6) Jodi doesn’t “see the possibility of the death verdict being very likely” She also wasn’t in the area during the murder, oh wait forget that . . she was there & it was a man & a woman dressed as ninjas that did this….and Travis liked little boys & it disgusted Jodi so much that she threw up several times then spent the remainder of their sexual relationship wearing little boys spider man underwear & taking it the poop-shoot…..! And let’s not forget how she tried to entrap Travis by secretly recording a sexual phone call….or that she forged 10 letters from Travis stating he abused her & had pedophile tendencies…..or lied to the police & everyone else for 2 years (nix that one, she’s never stopped lying). And the topper: “A jury will never convict her because she’s innocent”

– Pg 7) Ms. Arias want’s a more favorable verdict??!! She’s now thinking of his family??!! She’s not shown one iota of remorse for them since this trial began. Yes she’s faked a few tears but always for herself & her own predicament – her own embarrassment. She’s shown zero remorse. I’m sure Travis’ family can endure any length this trial will go on for. Just tell her that if it goes on too long & things get too rough for the family she can always send them flowers

– Pg 7) How generous of her … “she’s willing to resolve this case in the manner she described above” BUT still has NO regrets for killing Mr. Alexander — only for the lies she told the media – why, because she believes that people will look at her negatively & as a liar . . . something she’s finally right about.

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Because we are watching
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Arias Plea Bargain Empty Re: Arias Plea Bargain

Post by LiveLaughLove on Tue May 07, 2013 9:32 am

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According to the memorandum, Alexander’s texts, emails and voicemails will “paint a tawdry picture not of a choir boy steadfastly practicing his faith, but of a playboy expert manipulator and sexual deviant.” Text messages would also allegedly show that Alexander was upset at Arias and called her names, but in the days before his death Alexander still wanted Arias for sexual purposes.

In a letter to prosecutors in December 2010, Arias claimed that testimony about Alexander’s relationships at the trial would cause “collateral damage” to others in the Mormon community and tarnish Alexander’s memory, according to the memorandum. After sending that letter, Arias was informed that a second degree murder plea would not be possible.

In addition to arguing that a conviction on first degree murder would be difficult to obtain, the defense also claimed that a death sentence was unlikely because the murder was a product of the “chaotic and unhealthy” relationship between Arias and Alexander. As a result, they felt she had no incentive to plead to a charge more serious than second degree murder.

The defense stated that Arias could receive a more favorable verdict at trial, but she was willing to plead guilty to second degree murder to avoid causing more pain to Alexander’s friends and family and “because she has grave regrets for the falsehoods she told the media after Mr. Alexander’s death and how such falsehoods might have caused the family even more pain.”
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I am sooooo hoping those jurors come back with a just verdict, TODAY.

Jodi needs to be taken out of society for the rest of her sorry life, if she's not sentenced to death. Still, she'll linger around for a decade or have it overturned to LWOP...

Now, If this sick woman would have plead out to felony murder, the state might have taken it..

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