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 As The Filth Turns by DarkMan Empty As The Filth Turns by DarkMan

Post by CherokeeNative on Mon May 20, 2013 3:47 pm

Darkman reached out to CherokeeNative yesterday by email and we thought it was only fair to share it with our members. We had a hard time deciding what to "title" this post: Random Topics from a Random Man :dmx: ; CockRoach RumpHole Seeks Moles per Darkman; Darkman Devolves into a RumpHole Skid Mark; The World According to A Racist; Random Topics Seeks Racist Moles; CockRoach RumpHole Seeks Moles per Darkman, but in the end, it doesn't really matter. It is the content of these emails that are important.

Darkman's kind of racism is so apparent. He is typical Zimmerman supporter, stereotyping a kid he never knew, but bragging how he has some black friends, heck even had a black girlfriend. But in the end, he doesn't care, it's just a reality show. Darkman describes RumpHole's wild obsession with Justice Quest and his personal solicitation for "moles" to infiltrate CrimeWatcher's private Trayvon Thread; talk of jealousy and the need to compete on what is posted in his Super Secret JQ Daft Thread. Bottom line, what do you expect to find in a secret thread within a cockroach's nest?

Filth...and folks, let it not go unnoticed that this type of "filth" is used almost always to reinforce white supremacist and patriarchal power. They play off a weakness of our Western worldview, our inclination to assign negative moral value to those who suffer--what psychologists call the " just world fallacy ." It's simpler to blame the victim than the system (and, by extension, ourselves) and no one exploits this weakness better than the racists at CTH and Random Topics. Classic example is Darkman's question to me in his final email, where he asks, "what would happen if some 17 year old punk (be he black or white or yellow) .. broke into your place .. with screwdriver .. or some other burglar tool.. and stole some crap from you .. be it expenisive gold .. or say, something not that expensive but of sentimental value never the less ... .. regardless .. when you place or you are violated in that way..[?]"

So, Darkman has concluded that Trayvon was a thug. Indeed, any time there's been a major backlash to a social movement, from civil rights to feminism to AIDS activism, the right has followed a similar victim-blaming script. The message gets injected into the culture: Black poverty is a symptom of pathology. Rape victims are asking for it. AIDS sufferers are being punished for their lifestyles. Those without health care should be left to die. And now, most horribly and tellingly, a dead young boy with skittles and iced tea in his hands had it coming. Our forum fights against this way of thinking and as a consequence, we have cockroaches like Darkman and RumpHole wanting to derail our conversations and stop sanity. If it weren't so disgusting, it would be funny:

DM's Email to me:

for CN from Darkman

Nice Darkman_Voodoo doll, CN ... I liked it :)

I see you banned all .ru emails, lol .. good move maybe ;)

I can register with non russain email addresses .. but lazy to create them .. --- what for .. just to say .. HI, It's me Darkman .. and then be banned the nezt minute, LOL .. not worth the erffort ;)

maybe only on special occasions .. - for example if GZ will be found NOT guilty I can drop by and say Hello, if you don't mind...... :)

But wondering about one thing though...

Why are you such a chameleon, CN?

Nowadays you are saying (even though for a while already now) .. I think GZ is guilty of Murder 1 .. but I will be happy if he is convicted with Murder 2

When just not long ago .. you were quite good friends with DebFromHell .. exchanged emails with her ... and sounded COMPLETELY different: (I was going to PM you about it .. one on one basically .. but you banned me before I had a chance to do so)

So now if CB sees it .. not a big deal.. - as you guys are good friends and pretty sure can digest it .. or simply will laugh it off...

But saw somewhere else on the net .. Deb say:

YOU telling her: (and after TM killing already occured .. so not so long ago then)


"I read at Talk Left too and I am only teasing you about be pro-defense and even if you were, I wouldn't care. I am not invested in this - it's just for fun...although I do firmly believe he deserves to be punished and I would be satisfied with Manslaughter."

So let me get it straight .. LOL .. not long ago you are friends with Deb .. and say .. "only teasing you" (re pro defense) .... and EVEN if she was .. you would not care.. - as you ARE NOT invested in this .. lol .. "just for fun" (ahahah.. some fun .. eh? .. one person is dead and the other one's life is on the line .. but it's FUN for you???)

... you firmly believe he deserves to be punished . but would be satisfied with Manslaughter .. which is quite a way from Murder 1 or 2


Why such a DRASTIC change .. lol .. were friends with someone .. and then f*ck 'em?

I am from russia .. but you remind me some of those russian leaders.. they often could be just like you .. Chameleon, i call such people :)

Who da f*ck TM was to you anyhow.. that you can f*ck your friends that way ...
By the way .. I am around the places nowaydays where DebFromHell drops by .. and unlike you .. SHE NEVER badmouthes you the same way you can badmouth other people .. even the ones that were on kind of friendly terms not so long ago..
SORRY if that might hurt you .. but from what i read she posts .. she has way more class than you, if I compare her posts with your posts...

The tone in your posts is TERRIBLE ... that if GZ is found not guilty you HOPE someone murders him .. ahaha :(((((

Are you nuts.. you sound just like hitler.. - why don't you go and do it them .. murder GZ .. instead of putting ideas into other people's head to commit crimes for you....

Go do it yourself..

Geeze... - As you know, I was quite pissed off when I read it .. I wrote you about it ;)

I am sure you read it..

Chill out a bit..

What a f*ck are you going to do if GZ is found NOT guilty? .. I hope you won't have a heart attack .. It's a very unfrotunate case .. I know .. but you seem SO INVESTED in it now.. even though not long ago sounded totally different..

Take it easy.. this chit is not worth it, lol

Look at me .. I was at your forum .. I can be at Rumpole's, WS, wherever .. I just post some new news.. headlines.. and can state my point of view from time to time.. - but i DON'T go too drastic over that chit..

ONLY maybe when someone pisses me off .. as you did .. when banned me etc.. -- and even then .. anything i say is mostly with sense of humor..

I am not going to take this chit too close to my heart .. EVEN if Florida will do GZ in .. and find him guilty ... - oh well .. Life goes on.....

Take care now, eh? :)

sorry about spelling.. (it's too small here in email.. and i don't want to spell check this chit etc...

pretty sure it's legible.

My response:

Let's get one thing straight DM. You have been banned from our forum, but you continue to harass us by re-registering under monikers using proxy IP addresses, etc. We will continue to ban you each and every time you are discovered on the forum. It is our forum, we get to decide who is a member - just like your cockroach friends do on their roachnests. I think it is pretty telling that these roachnests needs to come to our forum to dig up something to generate discussion on their own forums - pretty sad don't you think? I mean, the threads just sit there on the same page for days unless RumpHole posts another one of his half -page ads ridiculing the very forums he wishes he could emulate. That you, DebfrmHell, RumpHole and the rest of the cockroaches continuously worry about what is posted on our forum is quiet humorous and shows what petty little people you truly are.

As for DebfrmHell - Oh, puleeezzz don't give me the bullshit that we used to be "good friends".I don't know that woman from any other cockroach on the internet, and if she is telling you otherwise, it shows how needy she is for attention - I only know what she told me, and believe me - she doesn't know anything about me. Do you or she truly believe that I am stupid enough to give out my personal information to complete strangers on the internet simply because they happen to belong to the same blog I do? Use your common sense. DebfrmHell knows nothing more than what I have chosen to make known on the blogs - nothing more. For all you or DebfrmHell know, I am Trayvon's brother or Obama. Take your pick.But she wasted no time trying to out me and giving up everything that she thought she knew about me - everything I fed to her that is. I do know this about her: she is an old hippy waitress who is mentally unstable and requires mood altering drugs in order to function and if she can't afford her medicine, which is often, she ends up having to be institutionalized in order to bring her back down to the real world. I also know that she allowed her dog to get pregnant, produce puppies, and then sat back and watched as each on passed away one by one over the course of a couple of weeks starving to death because she was too damn lazy or stupid to hand feed them. This is the only reason I conversed with her was to save those puppies, but she was too damn lazy and cheap to even try. I gave her names of rescues that would help her - she couldn't be bothered. Needless to say, this is not a person that I would ever be "good friends" with and her wishes that I ever was only shows how unbelievably insecure and stupid she is.As far as I am concerned, she is another racist cockroach who needs to up her medication and who should never be allowed to own an animal.

As for my position of George - it's like this. I tried to give the asshole the benefit of the doubt. When I stated that he may only be guilty of manslaughter, that was before all of the evidence and facts that are now public were known to us.It was very early in the case - March or April of 2012 when I made that statement - and I said it on the threads of Reality Chatter - you know, that other forum that you were banned from. So DebfrmHell isn't revealing anything that I had not openly said. As it is, based upon the facts and evidence, George is damn lucky he wasn't charged with Murder 1. Based upon the conduct of his family, and in particular, Junior and Daddy Z, it is clearly obvious that the entire damn family are a bunch of racist cockroaches. What's it to me? Well, if it isn't plainly obvious, let me tell you. I'll be damned if I am going to sit back and watch as a young boy is shot down for doing nothing more than trying to walk home in the rain while talking to his friend. How dare some lame assed racist wanna-be "somebody" project his suspicions on this child and take his life. If that isn't clear, or if you believe this is just a rodeo show or reality show that you get to watch from afar and then walk away from - that is why you are not an American and could not understand the importance that people be held accountable and prosecuted for crimes against another. You say none of this matters to you, yet, you can't manage to stop the katty little game of re-registering on our forum and carrying your little tales to RumpHole.

Oh, and by the way - please let RumpHole know that I've been reading his "thuper thecret JQ thread" for months now. Pretty boring if you ask me - even too boring to discuss on the forum - because, frankly, we don't give a shit what you all think. But, yes RumpHole, someone lied to you, and has been lying to you for months now...sorry if that pisses you off. You all remind me of a bunch of old bittys sitting in an old folk's home wiping your asses trying to figure out how to get the shit off your hands. You all need to get a fucking life.

DM's response:

Hi, CN......

90% of times though, I did reveal myself, either by saying I was Darkman ... or by typing in the way Darkman types right from the moment after registration ... --- So it wasn't like I was really hiding from you :))))

Why i came back ... Because I was banned ... and like for what ??? .. for not wanting to Mob Lynch GZ .. or for not sharing most of your opinion there on that case..

Before that .. I was at your forum for like a year or so .. And did i brake any forum's rules or bicker with anyone?

Mostly did my Bashara case updates (maybe in some cases a bit longer, like few paragraphs longer that some "few words or 10% of the article" made up by some people on the net stupid rule, but whatever, I even cut down on the amount of words in those updates, at CB's request .. and she even told me or PMed me several times that I was doing good :)))) --- by the way, your "buddy" DebFromHell, i saw her type that CB is nice .. doesn't touch other people, just following some cases, and hardly even involves herself into GZ discussion ... - and I agree with that .. have absolutely nothing against CB .. CB is always nice and fair to everyone .. myself including....)

so mostly did Bashara .... with an occasional comment at some other case that you happened to discuss there.... I didn't even enter that f* GZ thread all that time since registration .... nor even followed it really for almost a year (just whatever i heard here or there or on the media) ... was simply waiting till the trial .... to see how it all concludes.

And then for some reason, I entered that thread ... and the rest was history, I know :((((((

But .. since my "forced departure from CW" (when i come back to CW as someone else ... i don't even count as my, Darkman's, presence there anyhow .. so ya... LOL .. you "DID ME IN" ... placed me on permanent vacation, OFF THE ISLAND, as they say at favorite Rumpole's JQ .. lol .. I am not sure why he is obsessed with that place .. I think he was there and got banned or something like that, what else is new, lol) .. I saw on several occasions others entered GZ thread and stated their opinion about the case, that wasn't , at the very least, the same with your opinion ... and some of them you banned as well, ya, I'll give it to you, at least you are consistant there, lol, ... but few others you didn't DO IN :))))))

Like Sea Ray, for example .. - he was just made to stay out of trhe thread basically and all is nice and peachy then with him, lol ... looks like, after that, he became a valuable forum participant :))))

The wild animal is tamed now? :)))))

It's like all animals in the Zoo are behaving .. or scared to open their mouthes..... :)

LOL poor chap then writes a suggestion "How about opening a GZ separate threads, where us, people with open mind can follow it and discuss somewhat?" ... - AHAHA .. I just laughed .. How naive could he been to even hope for such a possibility ... at the forum which is probably the CENTER currently of garthered together Pro-Trayvon fans .. even they ran from super pooper JQ threads over to your elite FREE forumotion little places, CN, lol, you must be doing something correctly ..
Most others prestigious places .. like WS, etc .. shut that GZ discussion right down ..... cuz members I guess were splitting up .. and bad-mouthning each other...... --- so please don't tell mle that I am NOT American, blah blah .. there are PLENTY of Americans who don't share your opinion .. PLENTY.... :))) ..

Even Randi one made it Moderated thread .. and all but killed all the discussion ...

Probably the best forum (where both "camps" can exist and state their opinions) nowadays is the one where OCNewbie and Meat Patties came from .. I am there .. and up to this day is impressed with it .. the way moderators / admins let it exist and both paries to go on...

Rumpole's one .. I am not too crazy about .. he is unique character .. and when GZ case is done .. i ll be done there also, and he knows that.. I told him that right in PM .. i don't like many things that he does there .. or how he carries on with his forum ...
It's kinda a joke anyhow.... the only why i joined there.. - cuz after you banned me .. I was pissed off (re: my ban) .. and wanted to join some places where I can say something about the case sometimes and not get banned..
And his forum was one of those..
Besides your "buddy" Deb was there.. and I was going to see what she is all about .. cuz at Hinky i didn't pay no attention to her really, just noticed her cute avatar, and that's about it ...(by the way.. If she abuses her puppies etc.. I agree, that's terrible .. I don't know .. i never heard anything about that before .. and maybe you are telling it to me now, just to piss me off, lol, after all .. it's Internet )))

Anyhow, where was I .. I have that habit to change the subject all of a sudden .. and go on about something else.. I know.. I am a sinner .. I am not perfect :)

oh ya.. Sea Ray .. and his request for GZ, "people with open mind" thread..... got him pretty far, i see ...

But I like him and his posts .. over at Jodi's thread ... where all nice and peachy .. beayach did the chap in ... and finally admitted it .. so post away.. can't go wrong anyhow.. as I said from day 1 .. more likely will be found guilty .. just left to see what will be given to her .. LIFE in Prison or DEATH...

And he posts nice there.. but even then .. NAN manages to taunt him with a Moderator / Ban button .. as she did few days ago.. WTF .. pissed me off seeing that .... :))))))

CB .. I thought you liked Sea Ray .. - you could have stuck up there for him.. - he wasn't saying anything bad anyhow.. - just cuz Nan doesn't like something.. someone is not singing her song .. lol

If i d be Sea Ray ... would be very unpleasan t to see Mod taunt me with a Ban button .. cuz I said something about the case.. that didn't break any rules..

I see after that .. he kind of stopped posting ... maybe she hurt his feelings.. would have mine .. if talked to me like that..

But whatever.. Jodi's case is a joke anyhow..... all but almost over now ..... with all but decided ...

But bottom line is .. you didn't ban Sea Ray .. you let him be at another threads.......

I bet he is not allowed new private Trayvon's thread, eh?

by the way CN .. I am NOT Rumpole's mole .. LOL .. Sorry .. I don't do that chit .. or play those games.... -- He wanted me to be one, AHAH .. even was PMing me about it .... Ya right .. after deleting many of my posts from the stupid DAFT thread mostly about his favorite crappy JQ .. -- when i posted something there often it was gone .. - cuz he seems to be jeolous... he wants all the attention to himself .. with that DAFT . that he is a BIG man Rumpole .. who gets some (stupid) Elite DAFT .. and it's his forum, lol .. so he is the Man..
SO erases many of mine ..
I already got used to it .. if i post something .. -- if it stays it stays .. and if it's gone it's gone .. post can be deleted any second there...
Seems like he sits there on a front page .. with pressing "Who is ONLINE button" .. and simply is watching people .. what they are doing .. the occasional few that might have dropped in his little place...
How I am thinking that?? .. HEHE -- cuz every time i press "who is online" there .. that's all i see there happening .. -- Darkman viewing "Who is online" , Rumpole viewing "who is online" .. with occasional few, including Guests doing whatever else :))))))

At least when I pressed "Who is online" button over at CW .. I hardly ever saw anyone else doing "Who is online" .. but he seems to do it ALL THE TIME :))))))

SO after erasing my posts.. than he dares to PM me .. to be his mole.. - just cuz he is mabye a chicken chit .. to register at CW himself .. or unable to help himself ... :)
I replied to him .. "Look, dude .. I am not anyone's puppet or MOLE .. I don't do that chit .. get someone esle to do that crap .. or do it yourself ... - I told him few times already what i think of the Daft thread.. - most smarter people, like some lawyers or that Chip dude .. hardly even enter his Daft thread.. cuz they are qutie intelegent people .. and know that that DAFT thread is crap...

SO i told him straight... more likely when GZ case is done.. I will be also done at his forum.. - and he seems not like it .. he doesn't like me, same way as i don't really like him or his way to run a forum :)))))

It's your fault CN .. before banning me .. I didn't even know about existance of his forum, nor cared......

So i don't even know if he has any moles at CW now .. or simply blowing a smoke .. I strongly doubt he has any moles now at CW, not in "went private" Trayvon's thread anyhow :))))

He might have some mole at JQ (if not "himself a mole" there, because he is obsessed with JQ) .. but dont think that he has one at CW .. or if so .. NOT me anyhow.. I swear .. .. I might have posted an occasional quote or two in that Daft thread of his .. just for fun .. something that i saw at CW .. but HALF of it .. if not more .. HE deleted .. AHAHAH .. cuz i am telling you .. HE IS JEOLOUS over it ...
and then PMed me with explanation .. that it's his forum .. and that daft thread was all about JQ .. not about some crrappy small CW forum .. and he wants all the (or most of the) attention on his posts .. etc .. he wants to be that Daft man ...
and seems like if I post there a lot.. I am taking all the attention in the daft .. or trying to compete with him .. AHAHA

I go .. what a f*ck man .. are you off your rocker ... .. he goes .. well, ya.. it might seem strange .. but that forum is his toy.. he pays for it (it's not free on forumotion, lol .. he didn't even know about forumotion free platform, not before i told him about it) and he plays there the way he wants to .. I am telling you .. He is somewhat strange..

Then immidiately after that .. he writes to me .. that instead of posting those daft posts myself.. I should PM them to him .. and he will collect them .. and then will select some of them for his next Daft (and i guess would take all the credit for those)
Ya.. right.. I basically told him to go hit the road .. and to get his own daft .. .. I am noone's mole or noone's puppet :)

Would not be surprised if he bans me some day .. .. oh well .. as i said .. I am just there cuz there is a GZ thread there...

Anyhow .. was talking Sea Ray, i think :))))))

and then when you created Super Duper secret Trayvon thread .. I was there (not any longer though, as you "weed me out" from there .. together with few more .. who i guess didn't exclaim "Oh trayvon trayvon .. that poor child .. little angel .. justice for trayvon ... justice for trayvon.. death to GZ, the fat pig.. .death to him etc" .. AHAHAH .. or didn't want to sign your long, CN, public post with their exclamations how good that post is etc etc .. lol

But what I am trying to say, CN, while i was there .. I saw someone not singing Trayvon song there .. forgot their nickname .. but they were posting about bug in the thread ... that anyone can edit anyone's post, the way it was set up.. or anyone can delete anyone's post there .. etc ... and then you started to ask them on their position about the case etc .. and their answer was quite vague I saw, quite neutral .. and then i didn't see them any longer in the thread .. so I assumed they were banned...
But then I saw them still alvie .. posting at the forum...

So basically ... Sea Ray, them, few others that were "weeded out" from Super Secret Trayvon thread ... but they are not BANNED .. BUT me, lol, I had to be banned... -- Ya, I know, I was a sinner .. CN told me not to post any more .. but I posted few fresh links to the news .. neutral stuff.. that Nan seems to like ... but that did me in, lol .. cuz CN didn't want me to post there PERIOD :))))))

I like the way later on .. Nan or Kimmy or Islander maybe .. post those links .. many links .. and them appologize for posting so many links.. - but CN goes .. "No no.. You guys can post as many links as you want .. I DON"T MIND .. I just didn't want DM to post them :))))))

HAHA .. Comedy..

But now.. with JQ regulars / pro-trayvon arrival .. - some of them all they do is posting those.. new news .. or sit at Junior's Tweeter .. waiting for any word to come out of his mouth (or should i say, ass))) .. and then immidiately running to CW .. to show what he said..

for example, basically:

RJ - 10 sec ago .. to #the world --- I am jerking off ....

AHAH .. all is peachy .. all goes now .. as long as it 's not darkman who posts constant links, tweet, or similar pro-gz daft :)))))))

Comedy :)

Or KimmyK (Rumpole calls her, I saw KimmyK, the Pavlov's dog, for some reason) .. feeds at RC, CTH or Rumpole's hole .. most of the day .. sees fresh news there ..or articles, generally posted by me.. and then runs to CW and reposts them :)))))

BTW ... When I still was at Super Duper Trayvon Private thread .. (before I was "weeded out" from there) .. i ALSO saw that the section was NOT setup properly . that anyone could have edited, deleted anyone's post .. or possibly even the whole thread, .. etc

Basically including me ...... But on that you got NOTHING to worry about ... about me etc... I don't do that chit .. nor hack any forums etc ...

-- I don't care basically .. that i could have, say from being pissed off at you, start deleting all the posts in the threads, or the threads themself .. --- NOPE .. NOT ME ... I DON"T DO THAT CHIT :))))

I could have told you about it actually, before the other person did, but then figured that i better not .. or you ll know i am darkman and will ban me on the spot .. but then when the other person did tell you .. I was actually glad for you, that now it's fixed.. -- cuz i like to see when everything works properly ..

So other dude was gone .. And I was still there ... for few days.. - until as i said, was "weeded out"

So now you can be happy .. lol .. Darkman is NOT in your super duper secret trayvon one :)))))

I possibly could have been still there.. If actively was posting Pro-Trayvon stuff..... But I will never do it ... -- It's crazy to lie like that .. including to yourself . .and post something that you are not part of ...
Can't believe Rumpole wanted me to do exactly that .. in our other conversation..

When i told him .. that now I am not there any more .. i was "weeded out" .. LOL .. but he is suspicious .. seems like he didn't believe me .. then maybe he did .. and he tried to tell me to get in there again .. and then post Pro-trayvon stuff .. few times per day..
Just so I can see what's going on there :)))))

I told him .. NOPE .. not me .. BUT YOU CAN :)))))

He is just a chicken chit .... at the end he simply changes the subject plays all cool and concludes with .. --- "I don't care about CW anyhow" .. "My priority is JQ" .. "CW is small peanuts to me etc"

But meanwhile wanted me to Mole there.. ahaha .. whatever :))

CN .. but what would happen if some 17 year old punk (be he black or white or yellow) .. broke into your place .. with screwdriver .. or some other burglar tool.. and stole some crap from you .. be it expenisive gold .. or say, something not that expensive but of sentimental value never the less ... .. regardless .. when you place or you are violated in that way.. believe me.. it doesn't feel that pleasant (I know.. I had couple of break-ins in my earlier days, when was at work)

Lots of things l saw in the social media about Trayvon to date .. is showing me or telling me .. that he was a young punk .. with problems in school, with parents etc ... not sure if in any gang or not .. but surely behaved or tried to behave like one of them gang ppl..
from tatoos, to fake (or real) gold teeth .. to be found with stolen goods and screwdriver (even though that was swept under the rug) ...

Of course he DIDN"T deserve to die .. but I would not want my kids (or even me, myself, if i was younger) to associate with someone like Trayvon was....
Sorry but that's the truth..

And I don't care that he was Black ..

If he was White or Asian .. and behaved the same way ... - I would say exactly the same thing about him, regardless of his color ...

As I said once over at OCNewbie and Patties and Meat forum ... "Chit .. I am not racist, for f* sake, my ex-girlfriend was black .. and we were together for couple of years .. and many of my friends here, even though I am in Canada, are Black .. - one of my best friends is from Jamaica .. then I have other black friends.. plus couple of good friends are from Ghana .. even though one moved to Toronto . and then became a Nurse there .. and eventually moved to States..

I am not a racist.......

Trayvon's case sucks anyhow.. .. I with it will be over soon....

And I still don't care that much as you do about it .. even though the evidence that we have so far .. i don't read it the way you read it, CN ....

GZ is not angel either, btw .. Some people jusst like to get involved in that chit.. -- if he was somewhat smarter .. and saw Trayvon doing something suspicious .. should have stayed in the vehicle.. and cops would got there soon.. and if was needed would have took care of Trayvon..
But some people are just too concerned by nature.. LOL .. like to stick their nose EVERYWHERE .. especially volunteer for some watch, security etc.. and then with pleasure perform the duties of one ...

Regardless if he loses or wins .. His life will never be the same any longer ether ..

Evne if he wins, loses weight .. writes a book, makes million of dollars from i t.. I DO NOT envy him .. if i was him then, I d take my wifey .. and my "fresh earned" money ..and took off somewhere.. maybe down to Peru :))
To his mom's motherland :)
Even though Peru is far from perfect country ..but I am sure with some money one can live quite comfortable there ... It's not like Iraq or Afghanistan anyhow.. just a South American country...

LOL ... Gestapo / Hitler's people used to run to South America .. after losing WWII :)))))))

So can GZ, i guess...

And if GZ loses .. - he is f*cked even more ....

SO in any case.. I don't envy him

But as I said few times already .. -- even though I was quite neutral before about GZ and this case (basically i was like "whatever happens -- happens" .... and then life will continues .. after all anything comes to the end sometimes)))

After you guys banned me from CW .. I got very p*ssed off at you .. especially at you CN, (even though nothing personal - I could not care less if you are Black, White or as you once wrote, Native American - i don't descriminate) ... I don't enjoy being banned especially at a place where i was a member from very beginning almost, almost for a year.

Just because i see something differently from someone else....

Sucks to be banned ... LOL ... - just because one has Moderators or Admin's button at hand .. to throw their power at other people faces .. is very unpleasant to experience......

I like the Voodoo doll by the way, CN .. you are right .. it's pretty cute :)))))

But ... lol .. by me showing up there as Darkman (I just wanted to comment on "Darkman_NO" thingy, cute also, by the way :)))) .. and wanted to PM CN .. that I saw what DebFromHell wrote some day .. and wanted to hear what CN will say about it...

And then, LOL, I got no power there .. just a new user, say Darkman_NO .. and you are SO MIGHTY ... boom - ban the poor sucker .. YOU are Soooo Powerful! .. All-mighty .. with Admin button in your hand .. lol .. and then behaving as it was so cool to ban him.. hehe .. We killed Darkman .. ahaha )))

Look at him .. he is a voodoo one... NO Darkman, NO to Darkman .. he is an enemy of the world.. YES TO TRAYVON, the young punk .. and this world is nice and peachy .. just cuz we are GOOD americans :))))))

Ya.. OK .. whatever ..

and again .. Sorry that TM got killed .. I surely didn't want him dead...

But if you were to encounter him somewhere in dark .. one on one .... maybe you d feel somewhat differently about the angelic sweet innocent child....

Anyhow.. that's it ...... Sorry for all spelling boo-boos .. hope it's legible ..

All the best to you and all of you at CW

PEACE.............. ))))))

George Zimmerman is a murderer, child molester and woman abuser who is breathing air that doesn't belong to him - I await Karma to inflict justice in the name of Trayvon.

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Anyone who believes the defendant is innocent is a racist and anyone who contributes money to his defense is a stupid racist.”.  ~Professor Frederick Leatherman

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 As The Filth Turns by DarkMan Empty Re: As The Filth Turns by DarkMan

Post by LiveLaughLove on Mon May 20, 2013 4:06 pm

 As The Filth Turns by DarkMan 4293613521

It appears he's angry for being banned..

 As The Filth Turns by DarkMan 2131879744 I have no idea why he was banned...but he appears to be very upset at being banned, much like Rumproastass for being banned...

 As The Filth Turns by DarkMan 2880969986 doesn't really care about RT..master of no one..

he threw him under that bus really quick...

 As The Filth Turns by DarkMan 2131879744


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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

 As The Filth Turns by DarkMan Empty Re: As The Filth Turns by DarkMan

Post by Febbie on Mon May 20, 2013 6:33 pm

One Wonders wrote: As The Filth Turns by DarkMan 421770689  As The Filth Turns by DarkMan 2806602876 If DM is trying to "reach out"  As The Filth Turns by DarkMan 2503530688 to get back his privileges here he's kinda missed the boat.
For someone who dosen't care about this, that and the other he sure rattle's on about it all.
Plus he dosen't appear to get what baiting is.

Wow, Darkman is a little upset. He needs to drink glass wine and prop back with a good book, it works wonders.

Pap where is the bug spray!!!!!

begging for points.... bacon! bacon! bacon!
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 As The Filth Turns by DarkMan Empty Re: As The Filth Turns by DarkMan

Post by twee on Mon May 20, 2013 8:42 pm

I remember Darkman... He was like an itch that could be scratch... Irritating

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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

 As The Filth Turns by DarkMan Empty Re: As The Filth Turns by DarkMan

Post by NoahMan on Tue May 21, 2013 5:22 pm

LOL Awwww poor DM... awww upset that nobody likes him or respects him.

Pathetic loser.

"Simple minds  have always confused great honesty with great rudeness"
~ Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes

Disclaimer: I will not accept the premise that Trayvon is guilty of a crime without sufficient proof. For justice to be served, Trayvon's right to be presumed innocent is as necessary as Zimmerman's.

If Trayvon's presumption of innocence is abandoned then I will not accept an argument here or verdict there as legitimate.

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 As The Filth Turns by DarkMan Empty Re: As The Filth Turns by DarkMan

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