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Post by CherokeeNative on Sat Jun 15, 2013 6:50 pm

Can we be anymore disgusted with the Zimmerman Klan?  As the murder trial for George Zimmerman begins, Robert Zimmerman, Sr., has published an e-book entitled “Florida v. Zimmerman: Uncovering the Malicious Prosecution of my Son, George” which was released yesterday on Amazon for $3.99.  As LLMSPapa correctly points out, those familiar with this case, and the tormenters within the Zimmerman Klan, it is a hard decision when Amazon gives you the choice between purchasing Sr.'s book and a Mother Goose Coloring book, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].     

Racism starts at an early age, normally fed by or from our parents. Show me a racist and I'll point to the nest for the source of the hate right back to the family fold. George Zimmerman's dad is no exception. Having now heard from George's brother and now dad, it's plain to see that this family is overloaded with racism!  

This family is proof in the pudding that racism is a learned behavior. The Zimmerman family has a sense of superiority and entitlement that is so clearly undeserved, it's both infuriating and laughable! The Zimmerman boys, and indeed, Senior himself, have made it a practice to throw around Senior's former position as a Magistrate in the State of Virginia as though the position bestowed upon daddy some air of authority and prestige. Never mind that, as we've all learned since the night that George murdered Trayvon, Daddy's job was no higher classed than that of a notary.  A notary is a person who gives oaths and witnesses the execution of documents - you need no specialized training to be given the title, only pass a small open book test, pay the liability insurance premium and order your rubber stamp.  Wha-la. 

Senior and the Zimmerman boys relied upon people not understanding this little detail and going with the misbelief that Senior was akin to an actual Judge.  Indeed, Senior retired when the State of Virginia reclassified its requirements that a Magistrate at least have a college education and be licensed by the State Bar.  Which Senior could not qualify under.  So, the air of supremacy put out by Senior and the Zimmerman boys was just that - air.  

The most striking chapter of Senior's book is called “Who Are The True Racists.” He then goes on to list various black leaders and organizations that he believes are racist.  Senior says that because of US Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to investigate whether Trayvon Martin’s death violated federal civil rights laws, the FBI did not have “adequate resources to investigate clearly identified potential terrorist [sic] in the Boston area.” Now, “tragically, we have suffered the consequences of Mr. Holder’s politically motivated decisions.”  At first, one's thought would be, WTF is this dude off the deep end like his friend Mark Bradman?  And yes, while he is, the real reason for this proclamation is as DothProtestTooMuch accurately points out: 

"After giving some thought to the rant above from the propaganda contained in Sr’s book and realizing the Zimm Camp is reactionary and attempts to provide a dueling 'narrative' about Trayvon or to dirty Trayvon in comparison to thugboat’s bad acts, something dawned on me. Sr could care less about the Boston Marathon Bombing if it wasn’t for the fact that little Martin Richard, an 8 yr old victim of the bombing, showed sympathy for Trayvon in his very short life. So that really must have stuck in Sr’s craw and since they have nooo problem trashing dead kids, it’s not surprising that Sr would use this opportunity to exact revenge on another dead kid and his parents with a self-righteous rant pointing out to them that they shouldn’t align with Trayvon 'cuz it’s Trayvon’s fault Martin was murdered just like it’s Trayvon’s own fault he was murdered not thugboat’s!!'" 

So, you see, there is a reason for bringing this all back full circle to it being all about the Zimmerman Klan and namely, George. It was really never about anything else but the Zimmerman Klan.  Senior had the SPD, Chief of Police and State Attorney all convinced that as a former notary (cough I mean) Magistrate, his son, George, was squeaky clean and indeed, a criminal justice student with a bright future ahead of him and this lowly black kid was a thug and got what he had coming. And this worked for a number of weeks until the nation stepped up and demanded that the killing be investigated - and in steps a new prosecutor specially appointed to uncover that indeed, a crime had been committed. Since that day, the Zimmerman Klan has been on a mission demanding that George not be held accountable for his deadly deed. 

Junior too.  An estranged brother who was classified by George as "worthless" has become the Zimmerman Klan's family spokesperson. Traveling from state to state to appear on any news station that will have him and nonstop twitters that blatantly reeks with racism, Junior has now become the pillar of truth for the Zimmerman Klan, or at least the truth as they believe it.  Under Junior's pen, Trayvon has been classified as a thug who enjoyed fighting and held the need to see "blood." Nothing could be further from the truth - but that doesn't matter to the Zimmerman Klan. 

And not to be left out, we have Momma Gladys Zimmerman's recent letter published from the Desk of Junior.  While we can understand that George is her son, and she loves him, it is not a reason to absolve George from liability for taking the life of Trayvon. In reading Momma Z's letter, you will notice the following observations: 

·         Not one sentence is included that recognizes the painful loss of a son for the parents of Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman’s mother is asking for sympathy and understanding for her son, but fails to even mention the devastating loss of a son for Martin’s parents. 

·         Momma Z uses the terms “mock” and “rebuke” to describe anyone who would disagree with her. While we can be sympathetic and not mocking her feelings as a mother, if we had a son that acted as George did the night of Trayvon’s death, we would be devastated.  

·         Momma Z pleads for a “fair trial” and there is no indication that he will not get one. She cites the press and media coverage of the alleged crime, but fails to identify a single instance of “misreporting,” or anything “unfair” about the stories in the case.  That certainly can't be said about what is being broadcasted about Trayvon. 

·         Momma Z suggests George has been charged with a crime he “didn’t commit.” Yet he did shoot an unarmed teen, so he did commit murder, the only issue is whether he did so in self-defense. 

·         Momma Z asks for prayers for George as she claims he is the victim of an “injustice”. However the real “injustice” is that Trayvon was shot dead because George targeted him as he walked home one night. Even if a jury finds that George shot Trayvon in self-defense, surely everyone recognizes that Trayvon did not set out to harm George and in fact, tried to get away from George.  Trayvon's only goal on February 26, 2012 was to buy Skittles for his soon-to-be-step-brother.  If Trayvon hit George, it was because he was fearful of an unknown man who had been pursuing him while armed with a gun.  The only “injustice” would be that the man who shot the unarmed teenager is allowed to walk free. If Trayvon was on trial for shooting George, and he claimed self-defense, it seems a jury, even if they knew and accepted George’s version of the facts, would acquit Trayvon as he would reasonably be fearful of a man with a gun pursuing him as George did.  In fact, George's conduct of following and tracking Trayvon that night would have constituted attempted child abduction in eyes of The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. 

·         While Mamma Z’s letter may reveal a mother’s love of her son who shot and killed an innocent teenager, it is in no way relevant to George’s guilt or innocence. George’s mother fails to mention even one redeeming quality of George, one kind act, or even one charitable organization he helped. She doesn’t mention any religious affiliation. She doesn’t explain his sexual abuse of his cousin, or give any justification for lying to the judge. 

Come to think of it, George seems to be the reason for the expression “a face only a mother could love.”

It’s a sad commentary that some people think a demented jerk like George with a verifiable record of confrontational violence deserves every benefit of the doubt while believing that Trayvon didn’t also deserve any. 

We've read the evidence.  We know George is guilty of Murder 2, and many of us believe that if the true facts were known, George would be guilty of Murder 1.  But because of the color of Trayvon's skin, the racists refuse to acknowledge the facts or the evidence.  I guarantee you that if the roles were reversed and it was George who was shot through the heart - George's parents would be screaming for a capital murder charge, and the racists would not be the least bit interested because George is bi-racial.

To make matters worse George is on record for telling lies about that night that not only contradict each other but even the available evidence. The performances of both Senior, Junior and Momma Z show why their son and brother has never been held accountable for the bad acts committed during the course of his adulthood.  They apparently wish to deny the indisputable fact that their son/brother is in the position he’s in because of his own actions, which shows a lack of critical thinking skills or even common sense. It’s mind-boggling how Zimmerman’s supporters can turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to George's many brushes with the law, but make up things about the dead teen or magnify the significance of transgressions of someone who is not on trial, namely Trayvon’s girlfriend.

That the HOA has entered into a settlement with the Martin Family is highly suggestive that they now George was in the wrong when he shot Trayvon.  It is a tacit admission of their own negligence in (1) knowledge that he was carrying a concealed weapon and (2) ignoring the many complaints about him from residents in that gated community. They are liable because they allowed him to carry a gun and confront residents in stark violation of their written policies.

Then, of course, George has been very instrumental in ruining his self-defense claims.  As the interview with Sean Hannity clearly demonstrated, George showed no remorse and had the unmitigated gall to call the killing “God’s plan” and that he would not change a thing. I sincerely hope the prosecution uses his lies and his arrogance against him during the trial, and it’s obvious that his family needs a serious reality check in the form of punishment for him for such an egregiously stupid criminal act.

Trayvon Martin wasn’t the thug Sanford PD had hoped and in no sense of the word are Trayvon’s parents slackers or uncaring, unconcerned parents.   His father Tracy Martin drove trucks for a living and in his spare time coached his son’s football team.   He’s also a high ranking official of the Free Masons.  His mother Sybrina Fulton is a 23-year veteran of the Miami-Dade County housing authority.

George is an arrogant wanna-be-cop whose violence has caused much annoyance to many people.  These are the words from an ex-coworker who worked with George Zimmerman as a bouncer for illegal parties from 2001 to 2005.  After this incident Zimmerman was fired for being overly aggressive.

 “Usually he was just a cool guy. He liked to drink and hang with the women like the rest of us,” he said. “But it was like Jekyll and Hyde. When the dude snapped, he snapped.” “He had a temper and he became a liability,” the man said. “One time this woman was acting a little out of control. She was drunk. George lost his cool and totally overreacted,” he said. “It was weird, because he was such a cool guy, but he got all nuts. He picked her up and threw her. It was pure rage. She twisted her ankle. Everyone was flipping out.”

2005 was the same year Zimmerman was arrested for fighting with a cop trying to arrest his friend for underage drinking and the same year he and his ex-fiancée took out protective orders against each other. Remarkably George Zimmerman has at least three violent brushes with the law: 7/18/05 for resisting arrest with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer; 8/9/05 for domestic violence; and again on 8/10/05 domestic violence.  Not ONE news outlet had the gumption to publish this information.  However, the media happily reported the Sanford Police leak — the character defaming information about Trayvon, yet George Zimmerman’s background was kept secret. 

But in all - when taking into consideration the timing of Senior's, Mama Z's and Junior's various publishings - it is clear that it is the Zimmerman Klan who are seeking to prevent truth and justice - it is the Zimmerman Klan who want to keep racial tensions at an all-time high - it is the Zimmerman Klan that want a tainted juryThis family is anything but an American Family. They have lived for the past 16+ months off the blood money of a dead teen and continue to hold out their hands for more.  They are worthless grifters. When George is convicted of Murder 2 for the killing of Trayvon, the Zimmerman Klan would do well to leave the USofA - we do not need their kind in our country.  They are the epitome of everything our country does NOT stand for.  I hope they are run out of the USA permanently.

George Zimmerman is a murderer, child molester and woman abuser who is breathing air that doesn't belong to him - I await Karma to inflict justice in the name of Trayvon.

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Anyone who believes the defendant is innocent is a racist and anyone who contributes money to his defense is a stupid racist.”.  ~Professor Frederick Leatherman

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