Adam Kaufman Acquitted Husband of Lina Kaufman

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Adam Kaufman Acquitted Husband of Lina Kaufman

Post by Chickenbutt on Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:23 am

Famously dubbed the "Spray Tan Murder", Adam Kaufman was acquitted of the murder of his wife Lina. Adam found Lina on the bathroom floor of their home. There is little online about Adam's current life. I did see that "48 Hours" produced a show "Lina's Heart" about the case. One of the highlights of the case was when it was proven, and the CSI Tech admitted, that she had had an affair with the lead detective on the case. The tech stormed off the stand and literally slammed the court room door open as she left. It was amazing to
I think the jury got this one right.

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