John Goodman Convicted Of DUI Manslaughter of Scott Wilson

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John Goodman Convicted Of DUI Manslaughter of Scott Wilson

Post by Chickenbutt on Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:37 am

In 2010 John Goodman ran into the vehicle of Scott Wilson, pushing his car into a pond when Wilson was killed. Goodman went to trial and was convicted of DUI Manslaughter and received a 16 year sentence. However that conviction was over turned due to juror misconduct and Goodman was retried. He was convicted a second time and received the same 16 year sentence. Between the two trials, Goodman was released on bond with an ankle bracelet and eventually was returned to jail for tampering with the bracelet, to await his second trial. Also, you might remember, Goodman attempted to "adopt" his girlfriend to shield his money. A judge rightfully stopped that from happening.
I believe that Goodman has been moved to Moore Haven Prison in Glades County, FL. His release date is March 17th, 2028.
I think the jury got it right.

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